Have you ever stopped to think how much invoice processing is costing your company? The first challenge faced by Accounts Payable teams is the manually intensive task of monitoring whether a supplier invoice has an associated receipt within VISUAL which signals the beginning of the vouchering process. These costs increase exponentially when the Receipt and PO in VISUAL do not match. The result is a manually intensive, error prone process that goes straight to your bottom line. But what if there was a purpose built solution for your VISUAL environment that offers automation across this lifecycle including:

  • Notification of new receipt within Visual
  • Matching against an up-to-date PO and Invoice
  • Vouchering within Visual
How manually intensive are your AP processes?
What is the error rate of manually processed invoices?
How much is it costing your business?

Learn how Automated 3-Way Matching for Visual can transform your Accounts Payable processes, reduce costs, and increase the velocity of your business.